When you’re hurting inside…

When you’re hurting inside, you’re feeling numb, down, motionless.

When you’re hurting inside at the verge of giving up because you loved so hard you crashed so badly.

When you’re hurting inside, you confide in someone, tell them your problems and they clearly mock you (thinking it’s one of those jokes).

When you’re hurting inside, you can’t sleep, can’t think, want to hurt someone as badly as they hurt you.

When you’re hurting inside, you close your eyes and all you see is the darkness within and darkness beneath the surface, nothing to cheer you up.

When you’re hurting inside and you don’t have the voice to scream as you want to, shout as you wish or turn back the hands of time because its all been a mirage.

When you’re hurting inside and you look at your walls and think, had I known?

When you’re hurting inside and there’s no one to talk to just your emotions misleading you as usual through the cold breeze of the night.

When you’re hurting inside and you think all hope is lost and you can’t seem to see a brighter day?

When you’re hurting inside, STOP, THINK, BREATHE, PRAY, EAT and count your blessings.

That’s when you realize, all that you’ve been going through is nothing but a minute challenge; a pin compared to the goodness and blessings you’ve had over the years.

Be grateful. Smile and cherish every moment. Leave those who don’t deserve to be in your future in the past and walk with your head up high like a giraffe does.

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Blogging,Blog? What does it mean?!

Blogging, blog, blogged, you name all the words that come with it. What does it mean and what is it? The speed at which new developments come up everyday certainly takes me by surprise. I saw blogger.com, WordPress.com and many other blogs but never bothered to read into it. “Tsk ah well, I’m too busy”, was the usual excuse. Once in a while someone “blogs” and broadcasts on BB, do I open the link? Occasionally. Most at times, we get caught up in so many things that we do not find it “necessary” to open links, watch videos or share ideas with people around us.

A friend keeps updating his display picture to “Keep Calm and blog on”. I finally decide, it is time to read into blogging and asked him a few questions just to figure out what blogging is all about. I must say he inspired me. His encouragement and optimism made me give blogging a second thought.

As a student, living away from home, there are times when studies, personal life, friends you name it become so unbearable that all you want to do is shut down on everything, hide in your room and suppress the feeling of anger, anxiety and the mix-match of emotions gradually taking over. That was when I thought, hey, why not blog experiences, incidents, confrontations that I go through. It might not be “as interesting” but at the end of the day, instead of crying my eyes out because am too stressed over something, or getting moody over issues, I have the chance to write it down in a blog, my own, my self, something to help me reflect on what has happened and something to help me stay calm.

I guess optimism is the way forward. All you have to do is put your mind to it and you can actually achieve it. It’s all about blogging for me now.

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